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Aaron Neil Honea Hilo, Hawaii, USA 2018-05-09
It was about 1950, when I wan in the third grade class of Alice Cowan in Dimmitt, when she and her mother Edith Hamilton took me there on an outing. Edith was a charter member of the Audubon Society and between the two of them they knew the names of many plants, birds, and animals. They also explained the geology of this beautiful place to me in such a way that lit up my young mind to a whole new way of seeing nature that has endured and inspired all these many years. I will always be grateful.
Noah Freeman Amarillo, TX 2018-04-25
Love this education canyon!!! Never saw animals. Didn't want to risk the hike of the Lighthouse trail. May get a job there. My mom doesn't like y'alls heat. Nice exercise on the trails. They do a good job. We love y'all.
Jsus M. Guerra Misssion, Texas 2018-03-12
Planning on making a trip sometime next year in 2019. The website was very helpful in convincing myself and friends to go camping and hiking there next year.
Noah Amarillo, TX Randall 2017-10-10
We went to Palo Duro Canyon State Park to see the show, TEXAS. It was a wonderful experience of them bringing Texans Texas spirit. The park was created wonderfully created by some creative artitectures.I love visiting the state park. Nice drive and trail.
Kimberly & Phil Strawn, TX 2017-09-17
My wife and I had a great time today. We are native Texans and this was our first trip here. This is a beautiful piece of GOD'S country. We are already planning a trip back with our boys. My hat is off to the women and men who take care of Palo Duro Canyon State Park. We appreciate all your hard work and dedication. We look forward to seeing y'all soon.
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